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Welcome to Our Course Tour at Estancia!

Crafting a golf course requires artistic inspiration, advanced engineering, and the wisdom to preserve the natural beauty of the land. Thanks to Tom Fazio, Estancia's 18 holes stand as a testament to the finest in modern golf course architecture. Nowhere is this truer than in our course's first nine holes. With dramatic elevations and unique geography, along with meticulously handcrafted fairways and greens, each hole is designed to challenge yet remain playable. Playing Estancia's front nine feels like stepping into a desert landscape painting, testing golfers' abilities while providing a magical experience, regardless of the score. Estancia, rich in inherent drama, is a thinking person's golf course. Rock formations ebb and flow with each tee and green, presenting strategic challenges and offering breathtaking views. The second nine steadily builds to a crescendo, with each hole seemingly more spectacular than the last. Holes 12 through 16 provide a particularly demanding stretch, and the closing pair, the beautiful 17th and the exacting 18th are cherished by many. In truth, Estancia's holes are like one's own children – you love them all, no matter what. Click buttons 1-18 to explore the details of each hole and embark on your virtual tour of Estancia's golfing paradise.


Copper (Bronze)384303170488379341166418524
Green (Women's)369294130450363296140364480
Red (Women's)318 271108  443 343 279 113357  412

Black325137 448392608418180565449
Blue325133398392 567414173528418
Copper (Bronze)317115361373539393163510392
White308104361334532 386 153476357
Green (Women's)271104329 330505382128431347
Red (Women's) 23994329 274419  355 125 408 320